ML is a one-person operation, flexible, mobile, with minimal overheads, with Marjorie McKee as the principal, bringing in complementary skill sets when needed. We contract at a range of fees and arrangements depending on the work.

The vision: to be curious, to work rigorously towards the best possible outcomes, to look at the new - and the tried - with interest and an open mind. To support you in showing your enterprise to your stakeholders and your public. Within budget.

Marjorie McKee has spent more than 21 years working with finance reporting, analysis and planning for small to medium non-profitmaking organisations. These range from a small opera company to theatre co-operatives, a regional health service and a professional theatre. Auditors, including an international accounting firm, compliment her work. This is reinforced by over 9 years in government research, legal and arts policy advisory work and film censorship. Her experience also embraces 10 years creating graphics for theatre (and publicity, i.e. taking it from concept through to impact), which have been to budget, effective, and valued long past their use-by date. She relishes working to support the creative, passionate, often idiosyncratic teams and the sacrifices they make to realise their visions. They vary greatly, as do their businesses. She continues to love the challenges.

ML is two companies. LAKEMANagement Ltd was established by Barry Lakeman together with Marjorie McKee in 1990, to work in analysis, in people and project management, and in thinking and theatre. In 2006 they started Jawbone Co-operative, a non-profit-making co-operative to realise theatre projects.

Barry died in 2011. With the generous support of the people at Downstage a celebration was held at the theatre. Some of his wide range of talents and work continue in his scripts, and in the questions he created for Quizwise both past and still to appear. Marjorie continues the company and the co-operative. She continues to put the questions together for Quizwise, a collaboration with Pureweb. Through LAKEMANagement she holds scripts and music for Barry’s plays available for performance.

She has also worked in theatre producing, sourcing funding, designing, and in performance. Sometimes these, too, become a current focus.

Contact :
(04) 970 1339 | 0274 433 683