The scripts range from 2 minute comedy skits to full length dramas, and from 2-handers through to a cast of 7.  Almost all have had public seasons, all have been workshopped.

John Smythe in Theatreview: “I generally enjoy Barry Lakeman's short play writing. He likes to play with genres and each piece is usually well crafted with distinctive characters, say-able dialogue and good dramatic structure.”

A list of the scripts is here as a downloadable PDF.

Royalties are 10% of box office income less credit card and booking costs. Where there is a music element there is a royalty of an extra 2%.

If you would like to hire a script to check it through, or for performance, please contact us.  All scripts are available as PDFs, and the hireage is free.

Contact :
(04) 970 1339 | 0274 433 683